Top Baseball Betting Tips to Get Bookies Started

What’s worse than somebody not knowing how to bet their way through the MLB season?

A new PPH betting agent with a whole base of uninformed players, that’s what! Fortunately, we’ve thought of that scenario for you. These are the top baseball betting tips that should have your gamblers raise the stakes in no time.Live Betting Is Your Biggest Bread winner. This is one of the top baseball betting tips you can give to a new sportsbook agent.

  1. Since you collect “juice” (commission per bet made), it comes as no surprise that plenty of small bets in a short amount of time is a great opportunity.Not only that, but your bettors have the security of placing bets on the criteria they feel comfortable with. For example, “no runs scored in x innings.” Many games often end with no runs scored in a few innings, so players feel compelled to bet more.
  2. The Easiest Bets Live betting can be thrilling. Though, newcomers might not want to jump straight into the action without some prior knowledge. You need to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction. Here are some top baseball betting tips for those just starting out:
  3. The MoneyLine – Easiest method; bet on who you think will win the game
  4. The RunLine – Wagering on one team or the other to win (or lose!) by a certain number of home runs
  5. Over/under – As a betting agent, you predict a total score for the game. Players are tasked with betting that the score will be either over or under the number you predicted.
  6. Series – Teams usually play against each-other in “best of 3” or a higher number of games. Players can bet on each of the games in a series.
  7. Futures – Who will win the AL Central? What about the National League? Or maybe the American one! Who will be the champion of the World Series? Bettors can place their stakes on these finger-biting questions at your sportsbook.
  8. Baseball Team or Player Performance. We don’t want to sound cheesy – but baseball isn’t just about winning a game. It’s about the spirit of the game, and the contributions of each player. Or even the athletic performance of the entire team. As such, your players can wager on some things called player and team “props”. You could bet on your favorite player scoring “over” or “under” x amount of runs during one game. Same goes for teams. Or maybe you’d like to bet on how many strikeouts there will be during the game.
  9. Plenty of options and many opportunities for cash prizes and “juice” for betting agents. If you provide your bettors with these top baseball betting tips, that is.
  10. Don’t Forget About Your Experienced Players. Not only bettors require some top baseball betting tips. Sportsbook agents can use some advice from time to time as well! One of the biggest mistakes one can make is only offering your players a 20 cent line. While that is common among sports bookies, the top ones offer their loyal participants a 10 cent (or dime line). Let’s illustrate what we mean with an example.We have a favorite and underdog team in a game. The underdog is at +130 odds while the favorite is at -140. This is a dime line. If the underdog were at +115 and the favorite were at -135 that would be a 20 cent line. The bottom line is that you need to risk an extra 5 cents on the favorite to win a dollar. Conversely, you would win 5 cents less on the dollar if you bet on the underdog.When the wagers go to the tens/hundreds of dollars, players see more cash winnings on the dime line.

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