Pay Per Head Casino Software is a one-of-a-kind live casino offering unique features that cannot be found at other price per head shops. Join us to offer your players state-of-the-art Vegas-style casino games.

Our features and unique benefits provide you and your players with an addictive and engaging gaming experience without huge investments on your end. We are so confident in your low-cost professional casino experience; we offer a two week trial risk-free.

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Unlike other shops, we are one of the few companies offering live games in real time. Our dealers are live, professional, attractive female dealers operating in our cutting-edge offices located in Costa Rica.

Our dealers are not only real human dealers but incredibly attractive women. This is a rare amenity because most other shops cannot afford to invest in live dealers without suffering profit loss.

Our live, and did we mention extremely attractive female, hosts will keep players returning time and time again. Real human dealers operating in real time in Costa Rica offer a unique and engaging experience for your players.

In addition to the live games, we also provide software-based casino games. Read below to see a partial list of our offerings, the complete list of software and live games are available after signing up with our risk free trial offers. From stud poker to craps, anything you and your players want await for a low price per head.


We offer all these features at an amazing price. For $10 per head, you and your players have access to both software and live dealer games. Yes, you’ve read that right.

The price per head is an industry low of only $10. This is a great opportunity to offset a low sports book season. Our software and live dealer games provide a unique opportunity to maintain and improve a weak season.

Risk-Free Trial

Below is a sampling of the games available with a complete list available after signing up for a risk free trial. The trial lasts for 2 weeks with a low price of $10 per player per week, or less.

All the games are available during the trial. During the trial, you will also have access to the free mobile casino and live casino. Additionally, no extra royalty is required for the casino games.

Casino Games

The list below is a partial list of offered games. Sign up for our risk free trial offer to see our expanded list of available games.

Start your trial offer to experience our real-time live dealer and/or software-based games today. Whether your players want traditional poker, addictive slots, or any variation, we’ve got you covered. Sign up today!