Because the house always wins !

Let’s start off by stating a simple fact, most people who gamble lose money to their bookies. There is a saying among bookmakers that when a player wins and gets paid, it’s just a loan and for 99% of the players that is true. As a sports bettor, the chances of you winning over a long period are very slim and the reality is in sports betting the house almost always comes out on top. It’s that simple.

If most gamblers made a record of every bet they ever made, a majority of them would have a negative balance.

Why do you think Caesar’s Palace paid for all those bright lights? Why do you think The Stardust gives away “free” buffets and “complimentary” rooms like they were Halloween candy? Has it ever occurred to you why Binion’s would send a private jet to Miami or New York or Los Angeles to pick up a customer and return to Las Vegas with said customer, all at “no cost”?

Why do you think a back wood hillbilly who didn’t make it out of 8th grade can become a bookie and pay cash for a $500,000 custom-built home and a brand new BMW’? The answer is because gamblers don’t win.

Most gamblers lose money due to bad money management. They will go on some sort of a winning streak making their normal bets of $50 to $100 but then get cocky and up it to $500. This is a sure fire way of parting with your money.

After being down, a lot of gamblers get desperate and try to recoup their losses by what is known in the industry as chasing which is another way to make the bookie laugh all the way to the bank.

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